MID-YEAR SPECIAL - Any FIVE bars of wax $19.95 includes FAST FREE shipping.

Never run out of wax again.

MID YEAR SPECIAL -  Any FIVE bars of wax $19.95 includes FAST FREE shipping. Discount applied at check out.

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Why Sticky Bird?

High performance

Super sticky to deliver loads of stoke.

Made in Australia. Owned by Australians.

So you know it's gonna be good.


No nasties. No compromises on performance.

Made by hand

Like a Swiss watch, each bar of wax is carefully created to the highest standards.

Carbon neutral delivery

Mother Earth thanks ya!

Nice smelling

Who said surfing equipment couldn't have a sweet, sweet smell?


The wax is super sticky. And goes on real easy. Happy.


Last time I ran out of wax, cost me a grand at the physio.


I was always that bloke asking to borrow wax. With work and kids it's hard enough finding the time for a wave, let alone getting to the surf shop to buy wax. Not anymore.


Having a good quality wax in the car has improved my surfing. Bulk deliveries mean that I can be generous with the application. No more rock hard baked wax when I hit the water. On ya sticky.